CarolKimplanter Foundation is a purpose over profits solution for social impact to the community. The foundation run two initiative dubbed “Tunalima young initiative ” and “Awake A Mama Initiative”.

Tunalima Young Initiative
Through this foundation we are running an initiative called Tunalima young initiative that focuses on inspiring, and changing the negative mindset on agriculture.
*Our target being youth and children in school who we engage in establishing modern kitchen garden at their point of contact such as urban setups , schools and children’s homes. Through this program “Tunalima Young” in partnerships with the county government of Kiambu and other likeminded stakeholders, we have been able to reach and train a reasonable number of young people on the importance of adopting agriculture as a sustainable career and business.

And with this, I would like to encourage the organisations,leaders, and individuals to reach out to these target groups in the urban & rural areas and sponsor them through such initiative so they can benefit from these transformational programs.

Awake A Mama

In a bid to promote food production and nutrition at the household level we have an initiative dubbed Awake A Mama” which targets women .Our Pilot group is Masaai women in Maasai land where we are keen on impacting nutritional knowledge to then to encourage balanced diet feeding , self-sustainability in food production and income as they imporve their family wellbeing and empower themselves.